How Do I Sell My Phone?

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Everybody is not clever enough to sell the phone at a good price. Sometimes people don't even know where to go to sell their phones. And in their worry, they are asking themselves how do I sell my phone? Selling the phone is also an art. Sometimes people sell their phone after using it for a year or two at the same original price. Sometimes it happens that people think of selling it after a day of unboxing. But they face a big loss by selling it at a lower price than the original one. In this blog, we will share the best guidelines to sell your phone.

How Do I Sell My Phone?

Keep Your Phone In Good Condition

Intelligent people always care about their goods. Smartphones are very important as well as sensitive gadgets. You should avoid having scratches on the screen. Be careful about its original box and accessories. Because if you do not have original accessories with the smartphone you will get a very small amount for it. Then you will be worried that is why I came to sell my phone.

Take Care Of The Original Accessories

The original can not be replaced by anything. Always take care of the original accessories like chargers, hands-free, etc. Because if you show the original accessories with your phone, you can sell it at a very good price. And the client will have very few reasons to ask you to reduce the price. One of the biggest reasons for the bargain is not having original accessories with the smartphone.

Sell Your Smartphone Online

Now, the best option to sell smartphones is online platforms such as eBay, and Amazon. You just have to click good pictures of your smartphone and upload them on the chosen sites or pages. And mention all the details of the smartphone. Lastly, mention the demanded price of the smartphone. Those who want to buy that phone will open the sites, search for it and there are really high chances of your phone getting sold.

Visit The Smartphone Shops

Another good option is to go to the smartphone market and take your phone with you. Don't forget to take the original box with you. Visit different shops and discuss with them at what price your phone can be sold out. Some shopkeepers will not agree with your demanded price. While some will be convinced. Sell your phone to the one that offers the highest price.


In conclusion, People don't always know where to go to sell their phones. And, in their anxiety, they wonder, "How do I sell my phone?" Selling the phone is an art as well. After a year or two of use, some users sell their phones for the same original price. After a day of unwrapping, some individuals consider selling their items. However, they will incur a significant loss if they sell it at a lesser price than the original. So follow these tips and get a good price.

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